Melody Movement


Melody Movement introduces children to dance and movement using the natural actions of the body such as running, walking, jumping, hopping, skipping and galloping. It is structured to aid children's physical development, coordination, spatial awareness, sensory development, creativity and self-expression, working indivdually, with a partner, or as a group.


Also introducing children to other fundamental curriculam learning skills such as counting, colour and shape recognition, vocabulary and language skills. The strength of the system is that learning is acheived through imaginative movement, which is enjoyable and fun!



From age 3 - 4  (Please bring favourite teddy).  


Pupils receive a Melody Bear sticker at the end of each class.



Sticker certificates and medals can be purchased throughout the syllabus.

These not only encourage pupils to progress but are also a great keepsake.


1 x Starter Pack @ £6.00

5 x certificates to collect, every 6 weeks @ £4 each 

3 x Medals, every 12 weeks (Bronze / Silver / Gold) @ £4 each


Please check out the uniform page for this class.

Places are limited, booking required.